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About Me

My Travel Experience and Languages
  • English 100% 100%
  • German 75% 75%
  • Spanish 10% 10%

My Background


I’m a native English speaker from Ireland, now living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

My first experience living abroad was in Nagoya, Japan. At that time I gained intermediate ability in Japanese, but unfortunately I didn’t maintain it after I left Japan. In the future I’d like to get that ability back again, along with developing my other languages.

After returning to Ireland for a few years, I needed to once again see more of the world.

I then lived in Dubai for a while, and then moved to London, England where I took beginners Spanish and beginners German. I then got a job with a German company, and ended up moving to Germany. Since then, I’ve worked on my German and now have the B1 Zertifikat Deutsch. But I’d like to reach at least C1 in German.

According to a program I tested myself with, I understand about 75% of all German texts, hence the score above.

I still like Spanish though. It’s a beautiful language and I want to learn it for travel and general enjoyment. After I’ve gotten my German up to at least C1 or C2, I’ll resume my Spanish studies.

I’ve also taken a beginners course in Russian, but developing it further will need to wait until my German and Spanish are a lot better. Although I’ve dabbled in multiple languages in the past, I believe focusing on one language at a time is best.

Apart from these experiences living full-time in these countries, I also love to travel for holidays and see different parts of the world. I’ll cover future travel in my blog.

I look forward to discovering great people through this site, and all of us developing our multilingual abilities together.

Thanks for visiting,

Aidan Sweeney